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Send flowers at home from your mobile with the best apps

Thanks to technology, tasks that previously required going out on the street, such as shopping at the supermarket, now they can be done from the comfort of our home.

Now, the shopping list is not the only thing we can do with our smartphone since, what do you think of giving a surprise to your most special person with a good bouquet of flowers? And no, you do not have to go to buy it at any florist since all These apps that we bring you next do it for you.

Top applications to send flowers

  • Colvin
  • Interflora
  • LolaFlora
  • Bonbee
  • Aquarelle



With these apps to send flowers, no one can resist you

Colvin is one of the most popular smartphone apps with which to send and give flowers. With Colvin we can buy the bouquet of flowers we want and send it for free in just 24 hours to anywhere on the peninsula.

With Colvin we can:

  • Buy bouquets of fresh flowers in few steps
  • Send flowers in just 24 hours without having to move from the sofa
  • To take advantage of offers exclusive


Interflora is a leading company in the flower market. Since its creation in 1946, it has delivered bouquets of flowers in more than 150 countries around the world, within a period of just 4 hours and 24 hours if it is an international shipment.

Orders can be made from its complete official website or from its own official app for smartphones.


LolaFlora is another veteran service that distribute flowers to different countries like Spain, Mexico, Italy or Portugal.

With its app you can not only be aware of special offers, but it is also the easiest way to choose the perfect bouquet.

LolaFlora guarantees an extensive selection of flowers to make the perfect gift to the person you want.


Bouquet flowers

Sending bouquets of flowers has never been easier than now

Bonbee puts in our hands the opportunity to send bouquets designed by professional florists to be delivered in just 90 minutes (depending on where we live of course).

You only have to install the app on your mobile device and choose the bouquet or plant with which we want to surprise.

Bonbee guarantees that all flowers are carefully chosen and delivered by hand, without any box, in a conventional manner.


Aquarelle is a French flower company that luckily also distributes in our country (Spain). On its official website we have a really extensive catalog and it is that without a doubt we are before one of the most complete companies in this sense.

We can even accompany the bouquets with boxes of chocolates, vases, stuffed animals and even scented candles.

We recommend that if you use this service (which is not the cheapest on the list), do it from the website itself with your smartphone since the app is quite outdated and in French.