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Samsung targets the purest mid-range with the Galaxy M62

The Samsung Galaxy M51 left us an unbeatable battery, the M62 will seek to surprise with storage.

A few months ago we saw how Samsung's Galaxy M series integrated a new device with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy M51. This one was landing showing off battery (no less than 7,000 mAh capacity) and with the great handicap of its software (One UI Core).

Well, just three months after the launch of the Galaxy M51, leaks have already appeared on a new phone for the same M series, the hypothetical ** Samsung Galaxy M62, ** which would rank as the most powerful smartphone in the M range that the Korean firm has ever made.

Unofficial but predictable name

Samsung Galaxy M51

Samsung Galaxy M51, a mid-range with a gigantic battery.

The portal Sam Mobile has been in charge of announcing this exclusive. As reported, the Samsung Galaxy M62 name is not confirmed yet, but his sources told him that the development of the new M family device had its model name in the SM-M625F, so the established relationship makes perfect sense.

If we look at previous devices marketed by Samsung of this style, we find the Galaxy M40 in 2019 and the Galaxy M51 in 2020, so if we continue the line marked, in 2021 we would see the arrival of the M62.

What could you expect from the new Samsung smartphone?

According to the same sources referred to from Sam Mobile, the new Samsung Galaxy M62 would come with a 256GB internal memory, the widest amount seen within the M series.

It is not known whether it will be the only option available, but it seems clear that it will be one of its great attractions as it happened with the huge battery of its predecessor.

Samsung wants to surprise us with every detail, every new device, and for now, it is succeeding.

To finally include the possibility of 256GB storage, it would not be the first time that Samsung has integrated it into a high-end device, since it already happened in the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE just out of the oven.