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Samsung takes back what is yours in the second largest mobile market in the world

Did you know that Samsung has overtaken Xiaomi?

Despite the fact that the mobile phone market is not experiencing its best moment, it seems that certain brands are not doing so badly. One of them is Xiaomi, which is about to surpass Apple as the third largest mobile brand and the other is Samsung, you just got something back that you had long lost.

It is neither more nor less than the first position in the second largest mobile market in the world, which as you know is India. Well, until now the Chinese firm Xiaomi dominated this market but the South Koreans just snatched their job something that shows the good work done this 2020 by Samsung.

Samsung snatches Xiaomi the second largest mobile market in the world

Rear cameras of the Galaxy S20 FE

Samsung is the firm that has sold the most phones in India, ahead of Xiaomi

According to data from Counterpoint, which is echoed by the Android Central web portal, mobile phone sales in India grew 9% over last year to reach a brutal figure of more than 53 million units in the third quarter of the year.

Curiously, OnePlus is the “premium” firm that sells the most smartphones In that country thanks to its OnePlus 8 series, yes, the OnePlus Nord is the company's most popular smartphone.

But let's get to the important thing. According to the Counterpoint data, Samsung has regained the top spot in India thanks to growth of 32%. As you will well remember, Xiaomi was the brand that sold the most phones in that country but now it has been overtaken by the South Korean firm and the pandemic has affected Xiaomi's supply chain, causing its sales to drop significantly.

In this order of things, Vivo was the third provider while Realme ranked fourth. OPPO, on the other hand, is still in a more than worthy fifth position.