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Samsung prepares an ultra-resistant mobile with Android 11 and 5G

A first leak reveals the development of a hypothetical new member of Samsung's Xcover family.

Samsung's Xcover range could soon have a new member, or at least that is taken from a leak that has been echoed by the Galaxy Club. In it you can see how the Korean firm would be working on a phone with model number SM-G501B which would include 5G.

Not many details are known about it, but one of them is that it was recently tested in HTML5TEST under the operation of Android 11, so it is to be assumed that this device in question will integrate the latest operating system available as standard.

A product name that leaves more clues

Samsung Galaxy xCover 4S

Image of the Samsung Galaxy Xcover. Note: it does not refer to the hypothetical new Xvocer 5, it is only an image to illustrate the news.

As we have mentioned, it has not been possible to extrapolate a large number of data from this first leak, but some more. For example, despite not having any type of confirmation, the technical characteristics invite to think that they belong to the future Galaxy Xcover 5 not yet announced by Samsung. This would be the natural replacement for the Galaxy Xcover 4s.

Regardless of whether this is the final nomenclature that you will receive, the truth is that its name also reveals that will have support for 5G connectivity and a screen with 20: 9 aspect ratio.

In any case, this future Samsung smartphone is in a very early stage of development from which conclusions cannot be extrapolated, since from here to its departure it can change practically everything. Mind you, what probably won't change is your 5G networks support and that will incorporate Android 11 from its staging.

In the coming months we will see a good handful of Samsung launches, among which the Galaxy S21 stands out, a terminal that we could see officially in the month of January 2021.