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Samsung achieves a historic victory selling more phones than Apple in its own home

The experts said that the iPhone 12 was going to sweep through Android users, and in fact in one of those controversial decisions that Manzana he loves to drink the truth is that surely set the tone for the future of the industry sending their new mobiles without a charger or headphones, a measure that Samsung is already studying with ecology as proof and the income account as an incentive.

Whether it is a success or not, that will be dictated by time and users, it seems that the four flavors of the iPhone 12 will have a lot of work to help those of Cupertino, who They will have to regain the first position in the mobile market in the United States that Samsung has taken from them for the first time in the last three years.

And it is that yes friends, it was in the second quarter of 2017 when we last saw Samsung as the first mobile manufacturer in the United States, a milestone that the South Koreans had not been able to repeat but that according to the Korea Herald have achieved again in the third quarter of 2020, confirming the news of folding mobile phones had partly helped Samsung to sell 50% more smartphones in the midst of the crisis in the sector.

Samsung is in luck, it has overtaken Apple in the US!

For the first time in three years, Samsung can celebrate that it has surpassed Apple at home.

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Samsung and Apple eat more than 60% of American pie, with a slight advantage for Samsung in Q3-2020

It seems that the figures accompany Samsung in this 2020, a different year that has seen the biggest bump in the mobile market in the last 14 years, but that has allowed the South Korean giant to regain the forefront of the market with the Galaxy Z Fold2, a folding that no longer looks like a prototype, and incidentally recover the now disputed number one in the world that Huawei and Xiaomi already lurk.

In a concrete way in the U.S, which is what has brought us here and is the house of Apple, Samsung has also managed to return to the first step of the podium with 33.7% market share by the 30.2% that those of Cupertino retain, that yes They already have the iPhone 12 to shake their fans for the end of the year and multiply your sales figures.

Strategy Analyics confirms LG as the third occupant of the 'top' North American, with 14.7% of Compartir that the second South Korean brand does not find in any other market on the planet except for its native country.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, presentation

The folding and the effect of Samsung, which has managed to skip that feeling of "prototypes" with the Galaxy Z Fold2.

In the US market it seems that this time they have been Samsung's new affordable and medium-cut smartphones that have led this rise, although analysts affirm that indeed both the Galaxy Note20 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Fold2 have helped greatly to Samsung with its media notoriety and its sales figures.

Obviously the competition will intensify for the end of the year, with the Christmas campaign in the making and the delayed iPhone 12 already at ease in the market and making thousands of Apple fans happy, which as always have queued even in times of pandemic to be the first to release a new version.

Huawei's difficulties also pave the way, and they also come from the United States, so we will see if the Biden administration changes policies and the Shenzhen firm wants to make up lost ground by reverting to Google Play certification for storm the throne Android with all of the law ... For now, congratulations to Samsung and see how 2020 ends!

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