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ridiculously expensive, no plug and questionable materials

Not yet sold, but Apple's MagSafe Duo charger has already disappointed a lot of reviewers who have received it for testing in the United States.

Not because they like it they stop being news the controversies starring Apple, and we already know that the Cupertino giant loves to generate controversy and revolutionize the industry with decisions such as eliminating the charger and headphones from its iPhone, a movement that Samsung is already studying to implement it in its Galaxy for the 2021 course.

The debates around the launch of the four flavors of the iPhone 12 and its derivative accessories did not end there, which first showed problems with the Ceramic Shield on its front and very little RAM to later give way to the high price of repairing its screen, and now arrive the 'fails' with MagSafe accessories that are starting to hit the market, making use of that magnetic circle built into the back of the iPhone 12.

Controversy with Apple's MagSafe Duo

The new Magsafe Duo charger from Apple, beautiful and ingenious, but very controversial and ... excessively expensive?

Apple itself was cured in health by warning in its 'disclaimer' what leather cases could suffer wear or discoloration derived from this magnetic ring, and the usefulness of 65 euro wallets that hang down when putting the mobile in your pocket is a bit in question.

Well now the MagSafe Duo arrives to increase the controversies, and is that this kind of wireless travel charger that can be folded and that is not yet officially sold, has already begun to go through the laboratories of the 'reviewers' most reputable in the United States, who have not been too impressed with the Apple product, as you will now see ...

You have to press down on the charger to remove the iPhone.

According to The Verge, the MagSafe Duo is fine, but not quite ...

We have already seen analysis of many major media in the USA, like TechCrunch or The Verge, but perhaps the latter were the most graphic describing Apple's new MagSafe Duo charger in a few words: "It's nice, but not that nice", summarized editor Dieter Bohn in his review.

Basically this is that Apple's new dual wireless charger looks good, it is really beautiful and its design very ingenious, but in the practical part it is not as well executed as it should and in the economic it is an expensive accessory, very expensive, almost at the level of unicorn blood.

And yes, friends, following their new policy of not sending wall chargers with any of their devices, Apple also does not attach the connector to the mains with this wireless charger, which comes in its sales package accompanied only by a USB-C to Lightning cable, And that costs $ 129, no less!

The MagSafe Duo in action, during the test of The Verge

The MagSafe Duo in action, during The Verge test.

The price is wild, there are no palliatives here, especially since in Spain it will cost 149 euros to launch, to which must be added the money that costs a wall charger that Apple sells here for 25 euros if we opt for the 20W power model, or 55 euros if we want the 30W one.

Wow, the complete MagSafe Duo pack that will allow you to charge your Apple Watch and your iPhone simultaneously will cost you 174 euros per wing, about 150 euros more than what you would pay for a standard double and even triple wireless charger, to charge the mobile phone, watch and wireless headphones at the same time, also with USB-C connector and not Lightning, and even with charge status LEDs.

But the thing does not stop here, the price in the end is the least because we know that many Apple users are willing to pay it, in addition to the fact that you certainly have to pay for the ingenious design and the possibility of folding it and taking it comfortably anywhere. We accept boat, as aquatic animal ...

The MagSafe Duo in action, during the test of The Verge

The strange outer seam, and the dust clinging to the rubbery material.

In the end , perhaps your worst credential is the materials used, and it is that the criticisms in this aspect are already less understandable for a price-sized accessory, than 'reviewers' It is made in some kind of white rubbery plastic, which looks good but has been pressure molded with the two sides together.

This makes there some kind of huge seam on the outside, something that also happens with Surface or iPad keyboards, in addition to the rubber hinge that remains between the two MagSafe develops wrinkles with the first fold that are never recovered anymore.

In addition, this sticky rubbery material that a priori it would be a goodness to avoid slipping devices while charging, he disguises himself as a villain and turns against this MagSafe Duo who collects dust and dirt at the rate of a mop, although in this case they also indicate that it can be cleaned with a damp cloth very easily.

The good part is that functional quality is at Apple level, with a very stable charge and magnets that work flawlessly, keeping the iPhone stuck even lifting the charger, which is very light and versatile. There are also magnets that keep it bent, and the hinge looks smooth and sturdy. Not everything was going to be bad, and it costs 149 euros of nothing ...