Redmi Watch, technical sheet with characteristics and price

Xiaomi has just completely renewed its Redmi Note 9 family. It has done so by presenting the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 4G, Redmi Note 9 5G and Redmi Note 9 5G Pro. Apart from these new mid-range devices, the Chinese company has presented the first smartwatch of the Chinese company.

It is a very, very economical proposal, since its price to change does not even reach 40 euros. Let's see its technical specifications and characteristics, since this watch comes with a lot to say.

Xiaomi Redmi Watch technical sheet



35 grams


1.4 inch LCD
320x320 pixels


Heart rate sensor
Blood oxygen saturation
Sleep measurement
Breath control


7 sports modes


Bluetooth 5.0
Compatible with iOS and Android


40 euros to change

An inexpensive watch with a week of battery life

Redmi watch

At the design level, the Redmi Watch is relatively similar to the Mi Watch, although it does note that it is a somewhat cheaper device. It is an aesthetic similar to rivals like the Realme Watch or Amazfit Bip U, with a generous lower frame. However, it doesn't look like too cheap a watch, at least what can be seen in photos.

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Redmi Watch Xiaomi

The screen is 1.4 inches, with 320 × 320 resolution. The weight of the watch without strap is only 35 grams, a fairly low figure that will allow us to carry it without us hardly noticing it. The most striking thing about this watch is its autonomy of seven days, which can stretch up to 12 days in saving mode, according to Redmi.

At the level of sports modes, it has seven types, in addition to being able to measure the heart rate and control sleep analysis, among others. Specific, these are their sports modes.

  • Running outdoors

  • Running indoors

  • Outdoor cycling

  • Indoor cycling

  • Walk

  • Swimming in the pool

  • Various activities

Versions and price of the Redmi Watch

Redmi watch

At the moment there is no international availability for the Redmi Watch. We know that its price it is 40 euros to change, a really low figure that places it in the same price range as some of its Amazfit brothers.