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QueCovid.es, a website that informs about the restrictions that exist in your locality and postal code due to COVID-19

QueCovid.es is a simple website created by university students of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) that fulfills a very basic mission: tell us what restrictions are in our zip code and area due to the current situation of COVID-19. Remember other websites that we have already talked about in Genbeta, like this one to know which countries you can travel to, or this one to know the travel restrictions around the world.

We have spoken with the creators of QueCovid.es, and they have told us that what led them to build the project was that being "seeing comments on Twitter from people outraged by the amount of restrictions on each site, and by a group from tech media a girl sent a message that was the trigger. " "The usefulness of the platform led us to do it and to see that the government, both central and autonomous, were not going to move to do something similar that would remove doubts to the citizens. "

How to use QueCovid.es and what data it provides


The landing QueCovid.es is very clean, and in addition to the field to enter our postal code, highlights a countdown that informs about how much time is left until the current alarm state ends, approved on November 4, 2020. As of this writing, there are 180 days left for completion.

Use QueCovid.es to know what restrictions are in our area and what we can do and what not It is as simple as entering the postal code of the place we want to consult. At that moment, after clicking on 'Search restrictions', a website will open in which the location we have searched will already appear using information from OpenStreetMaps.

In the case we have used for the example, Madrid, QueCovid.es warns that said autonomous community "applies specific restrictions to the different basic health areas into which it is divided. We are working to be able to adjust the restrictions correctly to these areas. " After that, it links to the official information of the Community of Madrid.

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In the case of Huelva, Andalusia, the website indicates that "the new measures will not be reflected on the platform until they come into force at 00:00 hours on Tuesday, November 10". These measures were announced yesterday, which shows that the web is very up to date. In that sense, they tell us that the updating process "is quite complex because each restriction is different, finding the same is the complicated thing, in fact we already have almost 200 different restrictions for the different communities and municipalities."


After that, we can see more generic restrictions that affect the entire autonomous community, as we see below. It is explained that there are limitations in social gatherings, with a maximum of six people, or that shops can be open until 10 pm, except for essential services. On the web, after collecting the restrictions, they report when was the last time the data was updated. It is something they do manually, and they ask for collaboration from users who detect a problem.

Andalusia data

In addition to the restrictions, thanks to data from John Hopkins University, QueCovid.es also offers daily cases of infections, deaths, recoveries, and total cases, deaths and recoveries from the previous day and 14 days ago. The website is completely free, and its creators accept donations to carry out the project.