Qualcomm, Intel, AMD or Sony can now resume their business with Huawei

It is now official, Qualcomm joins Samsung in the list of companies with special permits to do business with Huawei, and will be able to sell them their Snapdragon chipsets right away ... with some limitations than others!

More good news for a Huawei that must be partying continuously in its Shenzhen offices in recent days, and it is that the permission received by Samsung to provide OLED panels is joined not only by the now official defeat of Donald Trump but now also more special permits such as the one received by the North American Qualcomm, which has confirmed that it can now do business with Huawei again.

The news was published a few hours ago by media such as GizChina or Android Authority, confirming what it was an open secret since the US administration granted permission to Samsung pointing out that the files of Sony, Qualcomm or Intel, among others, would soon be resolved.

In the official reports, yes, important details are mentioned such as that the special permission granted to Qualcomm involves the sale of chipsets with 4G connectivity exclusively, eliminating any possibility of Huawei accessing the 5G modems built into the latest processors from the San Diego company.

Qualcomm Andro4all

With some restrictions, but Huawei will be able to remount Qualcomm chipsets.

In addition to Qualcomm, many other component manufacturers are confirming that they already have their own licenses to trade with Huawei, including Intel, AMD, Skyworks, Sony, and many others.

Qualcomm spokespersons have been more restrictive in their words and also less specific, stating that "We have obtained licenses for some products, including some 4G products" without specifying models or possibilities, nor are any agreements already signed with the Chinese giant.

It is not clear if Huawei will be able to integrate then Qualcomm chipsets accompanied by their own modems Balong, among those that do have 5G NSA / SA options, so we will have to wait for events in this regard.

Additionally, other industry giants such as Intel, AMD, Skyworks, Sony or Howe Technology have already confirmed that they also have their licenses relevant to doing business with Huawei, indirectly confirming that the Chinese firm already has quality options to choose components in its next devices.

Guo Ping, president of Huawei, had already indicated in a speech a few weeks ago that they were willing to use Qualcomm chips if they allowed it, leaving their technology aside, especially trying to unblock the production of the P and Mate series. from their catalog, which were running out of stock.

It is clear then that the workhorse was 5G connectivity and next-generation networks, where Huawei had a stellar advantage, showing that it was not only about "National security" when the Chinese giant was blocked ... Did anyone doubt it?