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Polar, a free document manager in the cloud that allows us to sort, view and annotate them

We could define Polar as the ideal application for everyone those users who have to deal with a large number of documents in PDF, electronic books and articles in general, with desktop versions (for Windows, Mac and Linux) and web.

Its creators, on the other hand, choose to define it as "an advanced document and knowledge management repository for students, knowledge professionals and self-taught".

Annotation manager, viewer and repository

When we open the application, the first thing we will find will be the 'Documents' section, which groups in one place all our readings (both the PDF and EPUB documents, as well as the captured web pages through its corresponding extension).

In the sidebar, we can find both folders and labels that we relate to the documents, and that will allow us to sort and categorize the documents.

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When we open with a double click any of the documents that we have uploaded to this repository, Polar will open your own integrated viewer, which in addition to allowing us to comfortably read and search its content.

In addition, this viewer will also facilitate us highlight snippets and add annotations to them, being able to even convert some of them into question / answer cards, as in the following image.

Screenshot 2

In this image we can see the document viewer (with the color inversion activated) and its annotations next to it.

If we have activated the app dark modeWe can also activate a color inversion function in the documents we view, in order to maintain a similar color scheme.

The next section of the application can be found in the 'Annotations' tab: Basically, it allows us to keep the comments classified (again using folders and labels) for later checks and edits.

An icon located to the right of the interface will allow us download all the annotations en bloc that we have been creating, both in Markdown and JSON format.

Besides that, Polar allows show the reading progress of each document, as well as resuming the reading at the point where we left it the last time.

Screenshot 3

The 'Documents' tab, with the reading progress indicators.

Usage plans

As we said before, Polar has several usage plans available, depending on the capabilities and functionalities we want to have:

  • Free plan: This option offers 1 GB of storage space, a maximum of 250 captured web documents, and the ability to use it from two devices simultaneously.

  • Plus Plan: 50 GB of storage, unlimited number of web documents, and accessibility from 3 devices, all for $ 6.99 per month.

  • Pro plan: 500GB of storage space, no limits on the number of devices, all for $ 14.99 per month.