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The HouseParty group video calling app has introduced a new way to take advantage of Fortnite online games: video call friends and watch them all battle together on the island of Fortnite.

Playing streaming and talking with friends is not complicated since most of the games, like Fortnite, implement their own audio chat. Now: what if what we want is to see our friends? Well now we have a new way of combine video calls on mobile with Fortnite: the famous HouseParty app has reached an agreement with Epic Games. Its use promises to be simple and a lot of fun.

Video calls in Fortnite for PC, PS4 and PS5

Houseparty Fortnite

The novelty has been recently introduced by HouseParty to offer a comfortable and simple way to play Fortnite with friends while avoiding the distance. Everything with the mobile, as before: after establishing a video call with the contacts, and after combining the HouseParty account with that of Epic Games, the screens of all those who participate in the video call not only will they appear on mobile, but also in Fortnite itself.

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The integration of the most famous battle royale with one of the most used social video calling apps allows you to play Fortnite with several friends and see them react on the same game screen as you listen to them. During the game you have to keep your mobile pointing at the contestants, but all their broadcasts are combined on the Fortnite screen to bring the players closer and check in real time how victory feels to them. Or defeat, of course.

To use HouseParty with Fortnite you have to do the following:

  • Download HouseParty on your mobile and log in with your account (or register a new one).

  • Scroll the bottom of the screen up and tap on the settings.

  • Go to 'Permissions' and choose connect with Epic Games.

  • Log in with your Epic Games account and you will have Fortnite and HouseParty connected.

  • All participants of the Fortnite game must go through the same process.

  • Start a video call on HouseParty and invite everyone to play.

  • Once the video call has started, open Fortnite on the PC, PS4 or PS5 and your friends should appear on the screen.


This process is not yet active on HouseParty, so it may take a while to roll out. And the game with the video call only appears on PC, PS4 and PS5: on mobiles with HouseParty you only see the video call itself.

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