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Pitchup helps you find glamping and camping near your location to escape to nature in times of COVID

In Pitchup they have activated a new function called 'Near me' that allows identify glamping and camping establishments near your location, to promote proximity tourism.

With the COVID-19 crisis, mobility restrictions and social distancing, tourism has been severely affected, but camping in a secluded spot surrounded by nature is still a fairly safe escape.

Where to camp within a radius of 40 kilometers


With the 'Near me' function, the web allows you to locate glampings and campsites close to the user's location by setting a radius of 40 kilometers. If you access the web from your mobile you must activate the GPS so that Pitching can find the accommodations near you.

If you do it from the computer, you can use the built-in map to filter the results and find what you are looking for. It is quite convenient for making last minute reservations and promoting weekend getaways., a website that informs about the restrictions that exist in your locality and postal code due to COVID-19

At the moment the number of available establishments is somewhat smaller due to the low season, but it has now decided to launch the tool to make it known to users and to promote accommodations less subject to the seasons.

Ptichup currently has 900 glamping options listed around the world, of which 562 are currently open. In Spain there are 170 available and you can find all the information on the same website, from prices and photos, to what they offer and with options to book directly.