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pay what you want for this photo editing software valued at almost 500 euros

Humble Software Bundle has a new offer of applications that you can take advantage of with as little as 0.85 euros. This is the AI-Powered Photo Editor With Luminar 4 package, a selection that includes many photo editing tools powered by artificial intelligence.

This Humble Bundle includes shows like Luminar 4, Aurora HDR, Photolemur 3 and a wide selection of resources and effects to use with them. Also, as with all purchases in the Humble store, you can collaborate with a selected charity when making your payment.

If you pay 0.85 euros

Photolemur 3

You unlock Photolemur 3, a photo editing program whose individual license typically costs $ 35. Photolemur uses artificial intelligence to automatically edit our photos and offer the best possible results.

Payment gives you access to a license for Windows or macOS.

Skylum Luminar 4: Learning to use the specialized artificial intelligence photo developer (Part I)

If you pay 18 euros or more


You gain access to Photolemur 3 alongside three additional packages of DRM-free resources including:

  • LUTs compatible with Luminar, Aurora HDR, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom and almost any video or photo editing software that supports LUTs.

  • A Luminar course about landscape photography.

  • A package of high resolution textures (52 megapixels) compatible with Aurora HDR or any photo editing software that supports layers, such as Photoshop.

If you pay 21 euros or more

Resources 2

This is the best option of all, since by paying more than the current average of 18 euros, one that at the time of publication is 21.31 euros, you unlock all of the above in addition to a license for Luminar 4 and Aurora HDR.

Luminar 4 normally costs 89 euros, and Aurora HDR is priced at 99 euros. Along with the licenses of both programs (Windows or macOS) you also receive 12 additional packages of resources to use mostly with these applications such as filters for Luminar and some objects that can be used in Aurora HDR and other photo editing software.