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OnePlus would be developing a OnePlus Nord SE with 65W fast charging

At OnePlus they seem quite determined to diversify their catalog and the arrival of the Nord models is the perfect example of this. While its catalog leaders reduced their number in this 2020, with a second generation, that of the OnePlus 8T, with a single phone instead of the usual pair, Nord models keep growing.

We witness the arrival of the original OnePlus Nord, the one in charge of opening the way for the OnePlus Nord N100 and Nord N10 5G that followed. Now, however, it appears that rumors and leaks point to a fourth phone on the way. Specifically, we would talk about a OnePlus Nord SE that would arrive with a 65W fast charge.

The fast charging brand of the house

Never settle

Apparently, and according to the information that has been leaked to the media, this future OnePlus Nord SE would reach both India and Europe but it would be unlikely that it was put on sale in the United States, as it has happened with the latest models. Nothing has been said about China, the home of the brand that continues to diversify its models and, with them, the price ranges in which it has mobile phones in circulation.

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On this OnePlus Nord SE, whose code name for now seems to be that of 'Ebba', it is said that it would arrive with a internal, non-removable 4,500 mAh battery. This internal battery would charge at a maximum of 65W thanks to the fast charge of the Chinese manufacturer. For the screen, there is talk of an AMOLED panel of which neither dimensions nor resolution are known yet.

From this future its release date is also unknown although it is already speculated that could accompany the OnePlus 9 next year, both anticipating the moment of their arrival and forming a couple, not a trio. It has already been speculated that the OnePlus 9 would also land without a Pro model on the flank, so both the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus Nord SE could form a duo on stage. We will see what finally happens.

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