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OnePlus confirms 7 functionalities for Oxygen OS, such as each app having a custom volume

OnePlus has always boasted of having a very active user community with which it is always in constant dialogue, and for some time it has been implementing functionalities in its layer, Oxygen OS, based on said dialogue. Now, the manufacturer is preparing to take a new step forward and has confirmed that there are seven new features on the way, all of them chosen by their community.

The proposals have been collected and voted in the official forum of the brand and among those selected we find some related to the performance of its software for games, Game Space, and others related to the interaction with other devices, although there's no lack of room for customization of the OnePlus equipped with the latest versions of Oxygen OS.

Seven undated features for Oxygen OS

As we have said, OnePlus launched the query to its community through its official forum and has already collected the next functionalities of its layer, Oxygen OS. The first one is to add an extra measurement to Game Space, specifically a frames per second measurement. Your users want have Game Space tell them the frame rate to which the games are running and will see their request satisfied.

The preferred customization layers of the Xataka Android editors

Another interesting requested and accepted functionality is that each application has a custom volume level, so that will be possible. In addition, OnePlus will allow transfer file wirelessly from personal computer and conversely, we will see how the latter is implemented as it may require specific software for the computer. Will also be created an ultra power saving mode which looks like it will be called 'Power Diet'.

Personalization, gaming and productivity for the 7 improvements announced by OnePlus

Screenshots may be partial as soon as OnePlus implements the new improvement requested by the community and it will also be allowed customize lock screen terminal with widgets and shortcuts. Further, Oxygen OS dark mode you will have an option to be completely black instead of dark gray, something that will notably benefit your OLED screen phones.

These are the seven features that OnePlus has collected from its user community and that it will implement in Oxygen OS. We do not know when they will be released to the general public, although surely we will anticipate your arrival by your previous appearance in the beta program. We'll be alert.

Via | Android Authority