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one takes 3 hours to guess and the other only 3 seconds

The folks at NordPass have published their annual list with the 200 worst passwords of 2020, and the results, as is always the case, are regrettable. After analyzing almost 300 million passwords leaked during this year, we have that the vast majority are extremely easy to guess.

The top 10 this year includes the eternal "123456" and "123456789", but in the third place a novelty sneaks in: "picture1", the "strongest" password at the top of the list because it takes about three hours to guess, while less than a second is enough for the rest.

We continue to use the same passwords that have been leaked millions of times

2020 Worst Passwords

Worst passwords of 2020 - NordPass

The other new password in the top 10 is "senha", one that on average it takes 10 seconds to guess, and that "only" has been leaked 8,213 times, little if we compare it with the more than 23 million times that "123456" has appeared in a data breach. Similarly, the rest have also been leaked millions of times.

This list comes from analyzing 275,699,516 passwords leaked in 2020, that is, they are passwords that are part of public databases within the reach of any malicious entity.

These researchers say they have found the best way to create strong passwords thanks to science

Most of them require seconds, or less than a second to crack through brute force attacks (except for the great "picture1" which takes three hours), or they can even be easily guessed by one personespecially with lists like these for reference.

Even the majority of passwords that are entering the list for the first time have been leaked thousands of times on the Internet. With exceptions like "chatbooks" that have never been leaked and take a day to decipher, u others like "jobandtalent" take up to three years to decipher but have already been exposed five times.

44% of the passwords on the list are considered "unique", but not for that reason any more secure (they are on a public list of insecure passwords). As always, it's a good time to remember that length is king when choosing strong passwords, and avoiding common words like the ones on this list is a good tip to follow.