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One of Microsoft's most promising Android games lowers the blind

Android says goodbye to one of its most "promising" games.

Mobile video games –both on Android and iOS– have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, especially thanks to the entry of major developers in the sector such as Konami, Nintendo or Square Enix.

One of the companies that has also tried to gain a foothold is Microsoft. The Redmond company that will soon put its new generation of consoles on sale announced a while ago a fun mobile game based on a popular franchise.

Although the game had many elements to be a success, the truth is that it has not been like that and Microsoft has decided to shelve it.

A real shame.

Goodbye to Gears POP!

Presented during E3 2019, Gears POP! is a game that mixed the successful franchise Gears of War with one of the most popular products of the moment, the POP!

Gears POP! basically it was something very similar to the successful Clash Royale but with POP dolls set in the most famous characters of the acclaimed Gears of War saga.

Sending different units to fight, our goal is to control more checkpoints than our rival, to reach the turrets and base of our enemy and thus gain victory.

Well, as they announce from their own website, everything has an end.

The Gears POP! will close on April 26, 2021, so until that date we can play in a totally normal way.

All purchases made since October 28, 2020 will be returned automatically. Of course, it will be impossible to play this title again since the servers cannot be maintained.

The latter seems to be the reason for the game's closure. According to Microsoft, game servers are quite expensive to maintain and since the title has not had the expected success, the game is not profitable at all.

We suppose that the true lovers of the saga were not amused to see their favorite characters turned into big-headed dolls.