On a truck ride in Europe and the beauty of chatting with strangers on zero-viewer Twitch streams

A few hours ago, almost 250,000 people they saw how Ibai Llanos (in turn) reacted to one of the video of the year: Limited Access (a promotional campaign for the PS5 full of personalities from the online world and video games).

Twitch is going through a very sweet moment, and there are channels that have impressive audiences. Anyway, not all of them are Ibai, AuronPlay or ElRubius, and there are streams that absolutely nobody is watching.

Two pages to find streams with zero or few viewers on Twitch

Nobody.live is a web page that will teleport us to live streams that currently have no viewers. It will do so randomly, and it can be a great way to discover and interact with strangers from all over the world.

Nobody Live Lonely Streams And Streamers With Zero Viewers

It works really well, and every time you refresh the page a different stream will appear. It is appreciated that the streams it finds have zero viewers, unlike the platform that we are going to discuss below.

It is not the first time that we have seen an initiative of this type. In the past we tested Twitch Roulette, a similar service, but which allows you to add filters before connecting to a random stream with zero or few viewers.

Twitch Roulette

In this case, we can set certain games to "include" or "exclude" or (similarly) to include or exclude certain tags. This level of control is appreciated if we are looking for a certain type of streams. Of course, on many occasions (even if they are few) there are some people watching the stream.

Once we have established the filters, we will only have to click on "spin". The problem, in my experience, is that Twitch Roulette often connects you to streams that are already offline.

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Illusion, relaxed atmosphere and space to chat

I have tried using both pages for several days, and most of the time you can feel the enthusiasm of the person doing the stream, realizing that someone is finally watching.

I have come across some very curious things, like this guy reading a paper:

Twitch Roulette

Another user playing 'Hades' and with whom I ended up talking about heavy metal:

Twitch Roulette

Or, for example, someone else who was testing different settings for their streaming (it was his second streaming) playing the remastered version of 'Shadow of the Colossus'. I was telling him when he looked better, and we ended up talking about the beauties of virtual landscapes.

Twitch Roulette

Outside the crowded channels, calm appears, chatting with strangers

On another occasion I had a good time talking to a German, who is passionate about traveling virtually through Europe by truck thanks to 'Euro Truck Simulator 2'. The truth is that it doesn't appeal to me too much to spend hours playing something like that, but the experience of watching the stream was great.

Twitch Roulette Y Raquelnebreda Yahoo Es Sent You Files Via Wetransfer Santi Araujo Xataka Com Weblogs Sl Mail

At times I felt like I was in the passenger seat, on that highway in the middle of the night, chatting about German food with a guy I don't know at all. He told me that the trip was more enjoyable for him.

It is a totally different experience. While mass streams are frenetic and it is practically impossible to communicate with the person who is doing it, thanks to these websites you can have a totally opposite experience.