what is it and different types that exist

On this website you can design patterns with infinite variations and download them in SVG, JPEG or PNG

PatternPad is one of the coolest and most useful sites I've had in some time. I had come across similar tools before to create patterns, but they were paid or they put me many limitations when downloading my design.

On PatternPad you can create as many pattern designs as you want and you can download them all in SVG vector format, PNG, or JPGE. The editor offers you many example options that you can customize with a high level of detail. It's an excellent free design resource.

Create your own unique geometric pattern

Patternpad Editor

Whether you want to use a pattern to add to your website, to a presentation, or to any design you need, this tool offers you many possibilities. It's free, easy to use, and you only need a browser tab.

Download thousands of free, high-quality illustrations in this gallery for content creators who can't draw

The editor allows you customize the color palette, you can choose each color manually with the selector, or you can browse through a selection of pre-designed palettes. You can also customize the number of columns and rows in the pattern.

Download Free Patterns

There are a dozen predefined styles for patterns, but if you don't like any, you can adjust it with various customization options that allow change the density of shapes, the type of shapes, the size of the space between them, the percentage of repetition and more.

At the end you can download your pattern in a pixel size as large as you can think of. By default you are offered a 1000px wide SVG, but you have the option of increasing or reducing it and changing the format.