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"OK Google, how did I sleep today?" The most desired function of the wizard appears

Google Assistant can already read our health data in third-party services, or almost, because for now the functionality is only compatible with Fitbit wearables.

Since Google bought Fitbit at the end of last year 2019, surely with the idea of ​​growing Google Fit Thanks to the best quantification software in the industry, the truth is that many were still waiting for the keys to an agreement that did not materialize in specific functionalities or devices in the ecosystem of the Mountain View giant.

We had to wait almost a year, in fact, for the star of Google services as it is today Assistant to receive news related to the integration of Fitbit services allowing the assistant to access our health data even if they are registering from third-party platforms or quantifiers.

Do not get too illusions, in any case, because indeed opens the door to third-party services but for now this option will only be available for Fitbit wristbands and watches, which can be integrated into Assistant for make it possible for us to ask even directly how we slept to our mobile or any Nest Home speaker.

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If you have a Fitbit watch or bracelet, you can now ask Google Assistant how you slept.

Google Assistant launches a new wellness section, which will be able to use data from physical quantifiers

The truth is that Google has already accustomed us to the very slow development of Assistant, which has not even received the conversational mode in Spanish available in English for more than two years, and in this case it has even been added that Regulatory authorities have not yet approved the purchase of Fitbit and its integration into Alphabet and therefore under the Google umbrella.

Be that as it may, it seems that both companies have been working for months with a single roadmap that allows you to join forces and take advantage of synergies, as in this case natively integrating Assistant on Fitbit devices and the software platform on Google's smart assistant, that you can now take advantage of the power of all this data collected by our wearables.

So that, Google Assistant launches a wellness section that you can even access details such as sleep, exercise or nutrition, using third-party data that in this case is reduced to that of Fitbit to offer us useful information or advice to help us improve our health or our physical conditions.

We assume that access to this data and the wellness section will grow over time in Assistant, something we want, and assume also that there are probably agreements with Samsung or other manufacturers to access data from Samsung Health or Huawei Health, among others suites similar health.

For now if we have a Fitbit bracelet we can ask the assistant to answer the question of how much we slept last night or how well we have done, something highly anticipated and that most Fitbit users will appreciate after months of waiting for the news 'made by Google'.

Android Police colleagues have already tried it, and effectively works by answering perfectly about the registered dream for a Fitbit Inspire HR bracelet ... We will have to wait for more news, so obviously we will stay tuned!