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not a scam, it is the result of a class action lawsuit in Illinois

A quarter of the inhabitants of the US state of Illinois, one and a half million people, will receive a payment from Facebook of just over $ 300 in compensation for a violation of their privacy.

This money will come out of 650 million fund created as a result of a settlement derived from a class action lawsuit accusing Facebook of having collected biometric images from its platform's photo tagging feature without user consent.

Facebook had been accused of collecting biometric images from its platform's photo tagging feature without consent.

A part of those millions will be used for administrative and legal costs, while the rest will be used to compensate the 1.57 million users of the social network and affected by this situation in Illinois as of June 7, 2011.

About $ 300 per head

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Users have had to proactively request the collection of this compensation. Claimants must have been a resident of Illinois for at least six months to be eligible, as local media explain.

As explained in Bloomberg, the judge handling the case was initially skeptical about whether a settlement of less than $ 1 billion was fair. The reason is that the violation of the Biometric Information Privacy Act of this state could have led users to ask up to $ 5,000 for each individual case. 550 million, what was initially raised, seemed scarce.

Users could have asked Facebook for $ 5,000 for each particular rape case

Finally, After adding $ 100 million to the fund, the company and consumer attorneys were able to convince Magistrate James Donato with the additional promise of widely publicizing this class action lawsuit and thus being able to reach a large number of those affected.

According to the published data, the case has ended with a 25% consumer participation, when normally less than 10% of eligible people file claims in this type of case.

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