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Neymar, banned on Twitch after broadcasting with the music of 'FIFA 21' in the background

Not too long ago Neymar, the football star of Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazilian team, debuted in Twitch Y has already been banned. According to StreamBans, a website that monitors these suspensions, the ban occurred about 17 hours ago at the time of publishing this article.

Neymar Jr., who in just four weeks has become one of the stars of the platform owned by Amazon, you are unable to broadcast and the reason for your account suspension is unknown. "Sorry. Unless you have a time machine, that content is not available," reads a message if we try to access his Twitch profile.

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Broadcast with the music of the video game 'FIFA 21' in the background

Image of 'FIFA 21'

Although the reasons why the footballer has been suspended on Twitch are unknown, taking into account the United States' Digital Age Copyright Act (DMCA) and Twitch regulations not a few take for granted that the reason has been to broadcast with the music of the video game FIFA 21 background.

'FIFA 21' includes an option that allows you to turn off background music to avoid situations similar to what Neymar could have suffered

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Precisely to avoid situations like this, that classic annual title includes an option that stop playing background music to prevent the algorithms that control DMCA compliance from acting against it.

Since Genbeta We have contacted Twitch to find out the reasons for this. If we get a response, we will update this article.