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new EasyJoin Go TV app

The popular set of EasyJoin applications launches an app adapted to the needs of Android TV: with EasyJoin Go TV it is possible transfer any file between TV and mobile, also the other way around. Even with your computer: send screenshots, install APKs and easily browse all the content on Android TV.

It may seem that Android TV is a different system from the one Google installs on mobiles since it points to televisions and players, but the truth is that they are basically the same. In fact, between the two apps and games can be shared, even if they don't appear on TV's Google Play. For this, it is essential to load the file on Android TV, a task that can be complicated if the device does not have USB A or is busy. Solution? A file manager that allows transfers between TV and mobile. Like the new EasyJoin Go TV.

Click on the file, on send and you have it on TV

Easyjoin Go Tv EasyJoin Go TV on mobile. Selecting files to send to Android TV

In the articles related to Android TV we have been referring to various methods with which to transfer files between the television and the phone or computer. The pendrive is a simple way, there are also apps like File TV Commander or Send Files to TV. They are not complicated to use even though they do entail some hassle. EasyJoin Go TV is much simpler.

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The app we are talking about is a file explorer that separates the content of the devices by categories. Photos, videos, music, documents, applications and downloads, the app enables navigation for each of these categories. And it allows you to filter by size, alphabetical order or by date, it also includes a file browser. All to make it very easy to locate the content to be transferred.

Easyjoin Go Tv 3 Sending can be done as long as both are under the same WiFi network

Imagine that you want to move an APK from mobile to TV. Just install EasyJoin Go TV on both devices, open them to give them storage permission (the app does not need more permissions), choose the APK file on the mobile and, once marked, a delivery arrow appears at the top right. After clicking on the icon the APK is instantly transferred to the TV, without further complications. And it works exactly the same with the rest of the files and in the opposite direction, from Android TV to the phone.

Easyjoin Go Tv EasyJoin Go TV on TV

Click on several screenshots on the TV and send them automatically to the mobile phone, transfer a movie to the Android TV storage, move all the music in MP3 or the most practical of all, send and install APK files from mobile to TV, EasyJoin Go TV makes the process extremely simple and fast. Of all the apps we have tried, it is the one that seems most practical to us.

Easyjoin Go Tv Sending files from Android TV to mobile

Now comes the downside: EasyJoin Go TV is a paid app, although it is not too expensive if you use to move a large number of files between Android TV and other devices. Its cost is 2.39 euros (for a week it will be 1.69 euros), it adapts to any Android (mobile, tablet and Android TV), it has no ads and no in-app purchases. And it is not only valid for mobile devices, you can also transfer files between Android TV and your computer: you need the relevant app for this. It can be downloaded for free from the EasyJoin website.

EasyJoin Go TV

EasyJoin Go TV