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Music Unlimited and Kindle Unlimited crash for Black Friday

These offers are music to your ears, and stories to tell your grandchildren.

Black Friday has already begun, earlier than expected, and the fastest will know what to buy. Normally Black Friday begins the early morning of 'Black Friday', but this time Amazon has surprised us everyone with this premature start.

Like tomorrow and Friday we have all day to delight you with dozens of great discounts, we wanted to start by offering you two of Amazon's services that fall in price in an unusual way and that you should take advantage of before anyone else.


Both services are the envy of other music streaming platforms and eBooks

Music and books practically free

These are Music Unlimited and Kindle Unlimited, two services of streaming audio and reading eBooks highly demanded. Some call it 'Amazon's Spotify', but little by little it has become a benchmark.

Music Unlimited

music unlimited 3 months free

3 or 6 months of the best music at your fingertips more than ever

It is a service like Spotify, but with the reliability of a big one like Amazon. We have more than 70 million songs to listen without advertising, without internet connection and with the possibility of creating our own playlists to use when we want. its integration with Alexa it will make it more special.

We have two options to get the service for free:

  • 3 months free: simply by entering the Music Unlimited landing we can register and get the first 3 months for free. Without conditions. The promo ends on January 11.
  • 6 months free: with the purchase of one of the two most demanded smart speakers from Amazon we will have half a year of free music. Run, because the promo ends on January 11, from that date you will pay € 9.99 / month for the service.

Kindle Unlimited


Amazon's unlimited eBook reading service on temporary offer

On the other hand, we have the e-book reading services more acclaimed every year. If you have a better Kindle reader than better, although you can take advantage of this offer without having one. Using the mobile app / tablet or from your PC you can continue reading all the books you want in a totally free.

We also have two options to get a great offer:

  • 2 months free: the first two months for the face, without conditions of any kind, and you can unsubscribe before paying a single euro. You have until November 30 to register.
  • 6 months for € 29.97: enjoy 6 months of unlimited reading for less than € 30. Remember that you can take advantage of this discount only until next December 31.

Do not miss the rest of the offers that will appear in our landing of offers, and discover everything related to Black Friday that you didn't know