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Movie Swiper is a Tinder to choose which movie to watch with your group of friends

Choosing what to watch can be overwhelming on your own, but the difficulty grows when you're trying to find ua movie that a whole group of people like. Luckily, technology is here to help you, in the form of a new app.

Movie Swiper is a new app, already available on Google Play, that acts as a local Tinder, between friends, in which You are not looking to have a match with a person, but with a movie that you like both you and your friends.

Choosing what to watch by liking

If discussions about what to watch with your partner or friends last longer than the movies themselves, maybe it is time to try something new: an application where you can mark which movies you like and check the matches with other people.

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The operation is quite like Tinder, although with acquaintances, because first of all you need create an account and create a group in which to include all the people you want to agree on. The account is created with a name, a password and an email, which or other people can use to add you to the group.


Then it's time to start rating movies, which are shown in a succession to Tinder and you can mark as you like, with a green heart, or not, with the X in red. If you are undecided, there is a button to skip the question and another that shows you additional information about the film such as its synopsis, the score on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes or its duration.

At first, the selection is a bit random and you could be rating movies until the end of time, although in the first tab you can mark the genres that interest you so as not to waste time rating superhero movies when you like what you like. are the musicals. Of course, unlike on Tinder, here you can see before rating if your friends have liked, so there is no element of surprise.

Matches Yes, there are also "matches", more or less

When several people in the group coincide in a movie, a match occurs, which is compiled in the group's information. In it are listed all movies in common of members, so it should be, in theory at least, easy to pick one of them to watch without anyone failing. In theory.

Movie Swiper

Movie Swiper