More than 100 million downloads and fraudulent transactions: uninstall this app

Uninstall VivaVideo as soon as possible: the famous video editor hides fraudulent software that can subscribe you to paid services.

Before reading further, make sure that the VivaVideo app is not installed on your mobile. And if it is, you better remove it from your device immediately, unless you are willing to fall into an entire network of more than 20 million fraudulent transactions carried out through said application.

This is specified by the blog of the firm specialized in cybersecurity Upstream, where they echo the techniques carried out by the creators of this famous video editor for profit unethically taking advantage of its popularity.

And it is that during the last months, the app has shown invisible ads to users, in addition to subscribe them to services premium without your consent. According to estimates, the company behind VivaVideo could have received close to $ 27 million through these types of techniques if not for Upstream's anti-fraud system.

VivaVideo, a very popular video editor for Android

The VivaVideo video editor is dangerous and you should uninstall it from your mobile.

VivaVideo, again at the center of the controversy over advertising fraud

It is not the first time that this application is located in the center of the hurricane by security issues derived from the bad practices of its developers.

Back in the summer of this year, we had to warn of a spyware hidden in this application, which could have infected more than 100 million Android devices around the world.

Now, more than a million terminals from 19 different countries appear to have succumbed to VivaVideo's new fraudulent techniques. Among them, there is talk of advertising fraud Consisting of trying to carry out transactions originated from the app, through invisible or hidden ads.

It is certainly a shame, because in terms of features, interface and ease of use, VivaVideo could be one of the best video editors for Android out there. But the techniques carried out by QuVideo Inc., a developer company of Chinese origin in charge of the creation of this app, have made it fall into the bag of apps no one should ever use again.