MIUI 12 brings more problems to Xiaomi: it is blocking some mobiles

Beware MIUI 12: a problem is causing Xiaomi phones to enter a reboot loop that is difficult to get out of.

Some Xiaomi mobile holders They are having problems on their devices by update them to MIUI 12.

Apparently a problem related to an app integrated in the software is causing devices to be completely blocked, entering a permanent reboot loop and leaving the terminals basically unusable.

While Xiaomi you have not explained the cause of the problem, has claimed to be aware of the situation, and to be working with the developers of the app that caused the error to to end to this bug as soon as possible.

An operator's app, the cause of the problem

MIUI 12 update

MIUI 12 on a Xiaomi mobile.

As they have explained in XDA-Developers, the origin of the problem would be related to the application Airtel Thanks, the operator's own application with the same name, which would have conflicted with a Xiaomi app as is "Find my device", a tool that allows you to locate lost MIUI phones over the Internet.

Those affected can temporarily fix the problem manually, simply by restarting their phones and updating the Airtel app. This would stop the terminal from restarting automatically.

In any case, Xiaomi has confirmed that the update that will fix this error will be available throughout this week, and will reach all affected models. Since it has only affected users residing in India, we assume that the update will only be released in that country.