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Libra, the cryptocurrency supported by Facebook, will come out of the quagmire in January with its first 'stablecoin' according to 'FT'

It is not being an easy way to Libra, the digital currency supported by Facebook and other large multinational companies, although the light seems to begin to be seen at the end of the tunnel. Although it does not resemble what was initially planned.

The Libra Association, as published Financial times, hopes to launch its first stablecoin next january. 2021, therefore, will be his year.

2021 may be the year of Libra

If all goes according to plan, the association of which Facebook (through Novi, its digital portfolio project) Coinbase, Spotify or Uber are part, would already have their digital currency backed presumably with the US dollar, as one of its managers put it more than a year ago.

Libra, at last, it may come true

Symbol of Libra, the cryptocurrency of Facebook

If this good news is confirmed for Facebook and its allies, it would begin to be a palpable reality a cryptocurrency and payment platform project that was born practically in difficulty. The impediments have been constant.

What seemed like an imminent launch that was stopped just in case, followed with public, political, governmental and institutional scrutiny with the abandonments of big players, such as Visa, MasterCard, eBay or PayPal.

This launch would be a turning point in childbirth so problematic that the Libra initiative has experienced

Calibra, Facebook's digital wallet, becomes Novi and details emerge of how it will work with WhatsApp to transfer money

The stablecoin that would arrive in just a few weeks, if the information from the economic newspaper ends up being confirmed, it would be a turning point in this problematic birth. The cryptocurrency of Facebook and company, although it is not a virtual currency to use as it is linked to fiduciary money, it can be used by all members of The Libra Association and, particularly, in the different Facebook services as has been proposed.

Those of Mark Zuckerberg, as we have said, prepare their own digital wallet called Novi. This is the integral project of the alliance and is the one that will allow you to use this first stablecoin in the company's services and, predictably, those that come later. Because among the current plans of The Libra Association is to create digital currencies linked to other large currencies such as the pound or the euro.