Kodi 19 'Matrix' can now be downloaded in its first beta version: these are its news

Kodi 19 'Matrix' was launched in August, the latest version of the quintessential multimedia center these days. That version arrived in the Alpha phase, but creating a lot of expectation thanks to its important promises and novelties. Now, your development group has enabled the download of the first beta, so we are getting much closer to a truly stable version where we can enjoy the improvements that this release brings.

In the blog where they released the statement, the Kodi team talks about this beta stage as "one more step towards the Great Revelation"They are not short of hype, no. In the specific case of the recently released version, they comment that it has much more to do with patches and improvements than with functions. While they announce news, they say they are concentrating much more on getting everything to work properly. "

The most important news of Kodi 19 Alpha


Despite being focused on performance improvements, we once again recall that Kodi 19 'Matrix' has important news for many types of users, from those most concerned about extensions to those most focused on image quality.

Kodi 19 Matrix brings support to the AV1 codec, considered one of the codecs of the future (already present) and that stands out for its compression quality, for being free (compared to H.266 / CC) and for having the support of large the industry like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, or Netflix, which already uses it. There are also improvements to subtitle playback, and HDR10 and Dolby Vision support dynamic (although it depends on the client and the platform).

HDR without dynamic metadata is less HDR: why Dolby Vision and HDR10 + have better image quality than HDR10

Probably the change that users who use addons notice the most is the adoption of Python 3, since support for Python 2 ends at the end of this rare 2020, after 20 years of development. This will cause a lot of writing for Python 2 to not work at first until it is upgraded to Python 3.

For those who want to have console control support, Kodi 19 adds for PlayStation and Xbox, including the version for the iOS operating system.