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koalas, kangaroos and platypus in 3D

Some of the most magnificent and impressive creatures on the planet live in Australia, animals that you can now enjoy on your mobile and in 3D thanks to Google's AR ... Don't miss them!

Some wildlife documentaries said that in Australia everything wants to kill you, and certainly there, on the largest island in the world and incidentally the smallest continent on Earth, live some of the most magnificent animals on the planet, which you can now see first-hand thanks to Google and ARCore.

And it is that yes friends, google 3d animals are increasingly popular among Android users, perhaps because of how easy it is to see them on our phones thanks to a augmented reality With which you can certainly do impressive things and until recently almost unthinkable.

The fauna available in Google Search to access all your information and 3d models It does not stop growing, already with insects and bugs as well as other extinct animals and historical objects along with pets and an endless number of beasts of all kinds.

Google's AR salutes Australia's wildlife.

Say hello to Australia's koalas and other wildlife thanks to Google AR.

Get to know koalas, kangaroos or emus in depth ... From your Android mobile and without leaving home!

And now, with much love after a year complicated by fires and natural inclemencies in these latitudes, Google presents the Australian fauna collection in augmented reality, which is now available in the Google app for Android.

These critters can be seen from both Android and Apple iPhones, simply looking for the names of those Australian animals that have always fascinated us, such as the wombats, the platypus, the emus or the koalas themselves, so endearing and more threatened than ever by the devastation of their ecosystems.

Like all Google AR models, you can access its scale to life size, all your details and information, movements and even hearing sounds that each Australian critter does, being able to capture all the content and even use these models on the camera to take creative photos with our favorite Australian animals.

Google says that in the wake of the devastating fires that endangered thousands of koalas, searches on Australian fauna have been a trend, so they couldn't resist launching this collection of bugs in augmented reality, which we can simply access searching for them in Google Search on our mobile and clicking on "View in 3D" on the button that you will see on the information card.

The ARCore compatible mobiles They are published and always updated on the Google website, so if you are unable to travel to Australia for obvious reasons, and if you want see in detail koalas, kangaroos, quokkas or dacelosYou can now use your smartphone and the comfort of your sofa to see them.

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