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Knuckle gestures begin to reach some Xiaomi phones

Redmi K30 Ultra and and MI 10 T Series are the first beneficiaries.

Xiaomi presented the Redmi K30 Ultra at the end of summer in China and we had to wait a few months to have it in the European markets. Once landed and settled, this spectacular phone embedded in the premium mid-range, has been adding additional features to already sensational standard features.

One of these signings is the addition of the knuckle gesture function, the first Xiaomi phone that allows it. We previously saw this function on smartphones from Huawei and vivo, but never before in any of the many members of Xiaomi or its related brands.

Various actions triggered with the knuckles

Redmi K30 Ultra, presentation

A familiar design with clean front and quad rear camera in a circular module

The function of gestures with the knuckles will allow you to do different actions by touching the screen with this part of your fingers. For example, if we draw a circle, a screenshot, it may activate the Xiao AI voice assistant; long pressing and dragging then the brightness will go up or down, By drawing a V you can configure custom functions related to the camera, flashlight ...

Recently, Xiaomi has expanded the phones to which this function will arrive (at the moment it is in beta). These are the Xiaomi Mi 10 T and the Xiaomi Mi 10 T Pro.