Just Eat announces the creation of its own network of distributors with a work contract, discarding the model with freelancers

Just Eat Spain just announced the creation of an own delivery network made up of employees who will work with an employment contract.

A new service model in line with what is defended by the company that gradually replaces its current way of working and represents an even greater differentiation with rivals such as Glovo or Deliveroo, who carry out their activity with self-employed workers known as riders.

With its own network, Just Eat boasts of becoming "the first 'delivery' company with contracted delivery men" in Spain

The measure, they explain, "represents another step in the company's firm commitment to regulatory compliance and the creation of safe and quality employment." Just Eat Takeaway.com additionally claims to become in this way "the first company of delivery with contracted delivery men "in Spain.

The "natural evolution" to the own network of contracted couriers


Just Eat had differentiated itself from its competitors in the food delivery business for having their delivery men hired. Orders arrive at the clients' homes through the establishment's own workers or through paid delivery workers hired through companies specialized in last-mile logistics.

From now on, they begin a transformation of this model towards the scoober, a way of working already implemented by Just Eat Takeaway.com at the European level in more than 120 cities. So that, your delivery service for restaurants will combine the current model with direct contracting by the group and, as announced, will be gradually implemented over the next few months in the main Spanish cities where they operate.

Just Eat will combine the employment of workers directly hired by the group with workers hired by collaborating logistics companies

The draft of the 'rider' law proposes to employ the distributors and force the platforms to reveal their algorithms

Patrik Bergareche Sainz de los Terreros, CEO of Just Eat Takeaway.com in Spain, assures that this step is "a natural evolution" of the way of working and ensures that the company has "a firm commitment to regulatory compliance, the generation of quality employment and the sustainability, in its broadest sense, of the platform business". He is also convinced of the success of the model based on the experience in other European cities.

The workers, therefore, They will have an employment contract and will be framed within the General Social Security Scheme as the current distributors already are through the logistics companies that collaborate with the home delivery company. Something that will be in line with the draft of the future law rider. Just Eat recently published its financial results in which an expansion of benefits is verified.