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its battery lasts 3 hours

The iPhone 12s are not made for gaming, or so early battery tests on Apple's latest phones indicate.

You better avoid the new iPhone 12 if you are one of those who can spend hours playing with the mobile.

Or, at least, that is what one of the first battery tests made to the new Apple devices by PhoneArena, where they have decided to squeeze the battery capacities of the new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro to the maximum, to end up discovering that, unfortunately, the new models are not at the level expected.

Well, although the results regarding "normal" use of the devices are correct, the tests when playing have ended up surprising in the tests by offering much lower results to the expected.

The iPhone 12 only last 3 hours playing

iPhone 12 Pro Blue

The iPhone 12 Pro, in blue.

The first of the tests consists of check how long the devices hold surfing the Internet, a more or less common use that most smartphone owners make daily.

In this case, the Apple A14 puts out chest By offering results that even exceed the previous iPhone 11 and 11 Pro by achieving more than twelve and a half hours, being only a little below some of the main portents in terms of battery such as the Galaxy S20 –in its variant with a Snapdragon chip– or the Google Pixel 5.

IPhone 12 battery test, web browsing

Battery test to the iPhone 12: web browsing.

The first big surprise comes as soon as you start testing the resistance devices when consuming a different type of content.

And it is that in the video playback tests, iPhones are only capable of reaching just over six and a half hours, a significant decrease with respect to more than seven hours of the iPhone 11, although in the line of the iPhone 11 Pro and well below models like the Galaxy S20.

IPhone 12 battery test, YouTube videos

Battery test for iPhone 12: video playback.

But the most striking thing about this test comes at the time of test the autonomy of phones when playing games.

According PhoneArena, the results were so surprising that they were forced to repeat tests to avoid that it could be some kind of failure.

And it is that when playing titles like Call of Duty: Mobile or Minecraft, phones they only lasted three hours, less than half of what previous generation models supported, and far less than recent Android rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, capable of reaching the eight and a half hours.

Battery test iPhone 12, games

IPhone 12 battery test: 3D games.

It is unknown if the behavior of the devices is due to some kind of optimization problem, or if on the contrary it is the normal operation of the telephones - from PhoneArena they state that, as soon as the games were abandoned, autonomy returned to normal numbers.

In any case, it is clear that the autonomy seems to have been in the background in this generation of iPhone, after two consecutive generations being leaders in that regard.