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it will cost less than 9 euros

Detecting unwanted intruders is a bit easier with this Xiaomi product.

The phrase that we can use with every news that comes to us about a new Xiaomi product is that it "will never cease to amaze us." The Chinese firm continues to test countless technological items in its territory beyond smartphones and has launched a human sensor at a ridiculous price.

The My Human Sensor 2 It can be purchased for 9 euros under normal conditions, but until December 2 it is possible to get hold of it for 7 euros thanks to the crowfunding campaign that has been started by him.

Full compatibility with other Xiaomi products

human sensor xiaomi

Xiaomi's new human sensor.

The Xiaomi Human Sensor 2 can be placed anywhere in the home to perform a monitoring of people's movements. In addition, thanks to its compatibility with the Mijia app, it is possible connect it to other Xiaomi home smart devices and configure joint actions through the aforementioned application.

For example, the user can configure the Xiaomi Human Sensor 2 so that, when it detects a movement at night, it turn on the lights automatically (watch out for those who have pets). A surveillance camera can also be configured so that start recording if there is movement and send the video directly to the Mijia app.

From the Chinese firm it is stated that this device is capable of intelligently tracking movements, regardless of ambient light conditions. Likewise, it also provides information about the connection to light and the safety of different corners of the home even if it is not explicitly there, all thanks to the app.

The Mi Human Sensor 2 uses energy efficient technology and equips a standard CR2450 battery, which, according to the company, can last about a year. As with other functions, through the app you can check the status of your load, in addition to other aspects such as the bluetooth signal strength or linked products.