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is proof of Netflix's power to "revitalize" something like chess

'Lady's Gambit' is breaking all Netflix records. In Spain, it has been the most viewed series for many days, according to the classification offered by the platform on the main page of the service. Globally, it has become the most viewed series in the first 28 days since its launch, having reached 62 million viewings in that period. According to Indiewire, that puts the series on the same level as hit movies like 'The Irishman' and 'My First Kiss 2'.

The series is splendid in many ways, to the point that its mind-blowing wardrobe is on display in this virtual exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. Their fashion is likely to play a role, but what the series is really showing, again, is Netflix's ability to influence popular culture and revitalize interest in areas such as chess.

An influence Netflix can harness even more than now

So far, Netflix has had great commercial successes that may have paid him a lot of money for 'merchandising', like 'Stranger Things'. However, what 'Queen's Gambit' shows is that even something as generic and ancient as chess, not directly related to nostalgia, can suffer an exponential increase in interest thanks to being a leading part in a series. Let's see the evolution of searches for the term in Google Trends in the last 12 months, both in Spain and in the United States:



As we can see, in both cases, interest has grown a lot in recent weeks, arguably even exponentially. There is no other possible explanation that you want to know more thanks to the series. The same can be observed by searching for Chess rules, Magnus Carlsen (less obvious relationship for being the current champion and starring in recent events), Bobby Fischer or Judit Polgár.

Beth, from 'Lady's Gambit', is a mix of Bobby Fischer and Judit Polgár, whose stories are impressive ... and real

Netflix can leverage this influence commercially, as the extra figures provided by Indiewire show. The novel on which the series is based has re-entered the list of bestsellers from The New York Times, and Chessboard searches are up 250% on eBay. Additionally, Goliath Games claims that its chess sales have grown 170%.

A phenomenon of this type can mark the rebirth of many areas, something Netflix and stakeholders can leverage to monetize even more original content that are interested in themselves. One more step from Netflix towards becoming a showcase, or directly in the business that others create.