Instagram and Messenger add messages that self-destruct: this is how they work

After its announcement on WhatsApp, Facebook launches this mode for Messenger and Instagram.

It seems that it is fashionable to make sent messages disappear. Recently we already told you the the effort WhatsApp is doing to launch the messages that self-destruct as soon as possible and now it's the turn of the other most popular apps on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

Zuckerberg's company has announced the implementation of messages that disappear automatically for these two apps, but their arrival occurs with quite a few differences with respect to WhatsApp that we are going to detail below.

This is how disappearing messages work

disappearance mode automatic messages messenger and instagram

Message disappearing mode automatically in Messenger and Instagram.

Unlike what happens in WhatsApp, the word "disappear" charges in the message self-destruct feature for Messenger and Instagram all the sense. Why do we say this? Basically because the messages disappear instantly after being read and the chat is left and don't have to wait seven days as in the case of its sister messaging application.

Activation is really easy. You just have to swipe up on the mobile device, within a chat thread that already exists, and the conversation will go into disappear mode. If you want to exit it, it will be as easy as sliding down and it will return to normal mode.

In this way, having a very private conversation is now much easier. This mode is totally optional and, yes, it only works with the people we have added. Also, if a user in the conversation makes a screenshot, automatically the other participants of the chat will receive a notification as you have done so.

The first time that a user is going to use this new mode of sending messages, in both applications a text box will appear on the screen informing about the different aspects of it.

notification that messenger and instagram show to the user function destruction messages for the first time

This is the notification displayed by Instagram and Messenger the first time the self-destructing messages feature is used.

For the moment, auto disappear mode is only available in the United States, but it is believed that its operation will soon spread to other parts of the world, including, of course, Spain.