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If you like podcasts, you will love what Spotify is preparing

Podcasts are a strong bet within Spotify and this may be a good example of why.

In recent times we have seen the figure of podcast emerge like foam. Our faster pace of life and the little desire to depend on the “here and now” have led to the appearance of formats that allow us to decide when we want to enjoy content beyond movies and series and, there, podcasts have gained followers.

Spotify is one of the platforms that have appreciated this trend and the one that has demonstrated it the most with specific investments.

In fact, in the last two years the company has purchased several podcast productions renowned and has been recommending its users to listen to Podcast and not just songs.

podcasts to Spotify

Spotify allows you to listen to music and podcasts without complications.

Well, the latest news regarding the Spotify-Podcast marriage could come in the form of subscription only for podcasts. At the moment there is no official confirmation, but there are clairvoyant clues that, at least, Spotify is thinking of something big related to this format of audiovisual content.

Let's go to detail.

Podcast user surveys

Variety's president Andrew Wallestein shared on Twitter what could be a huge first. According to screenshots he posted himself on the bird's social network, Spotify is launching Random surveys of its users with podcasts as the protagonists.

As a result of the questions, it can be guessed that the music service would be thinking of launching until four different monthly podcast-only plans, that would be in a price range between $ 3 and $ 8.

The main differences would be the inclusion of small ads within the exclusive content in the basic plan (we suspect less often than currently shown), or early access and no ads for the more expensive plan.

The same surveys that Wallestein has shared do not show any type of compatibility with current Spotify subscriptions, an aspect that he has not liked and that he will surely not do with current Spotify subscribers.

As we have discussed previously, there is no any type of statement by the company announcing this inclusion, but the fact that you ask users about the possibility of including plans only for podcasts leads us to think that, at least, they are considering it.

The only thing we have read about it have been the statements of a Spotify spokesperson on The Verge:

From Spotify, we survey our users from time to time to improve their experience on the platform. Some of them end up paving the way for us to have a broader knowledge of it and others serve us as important learnings.

We will continue to inform.