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ideal for days like Black Friday, Prime Day or Christmas

Shopping on the Internet (and in physical stores) can be painful in the sense of the time we spend comparing prices. Often online stores change prices, so that we no longer know what is on sale and what is not. To help in this there are good websites and extensions, but that a browser brings something like this integrated is always good news, and it is what Microsoft is working on in Edge.

From version 86.0.622.61, in the Privacy, search and services section, users can count on the help of the option 'Save time and money with Purchases in Microsoft Edge'. Microsoft clarifies that with it, "we will automatically search for the best prices and coupons on the web while you shop." It seems like a good function for Black Friday 2020.

Ideal functions for dates like Prime Day and Black Friday, but not complete in Spain

Microsoft Edge

In the mentioned version of Microsoft Edge we have been able to activate the function. However, at the moment we have not managed to get any coupon to appear when browsing any website in Spain. Coupons are one of the great incentives to use the novelty, since it is assumed that the browser is able to find on the Internet those that stores are offering, sending in a promotional way, etc.

Thus, it is assumed that when we enter Amazon or Aliexpress, to give two examples, Edge will be able to tell us "for this domain you have these five coupons that you can apply", and we can choose which one suits us. But the news from Edge does not stop here.

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Edge now has an internal function, known as'MSColllectionsPriceComparison'which allows the browser to make price comparisons of the same product between different stores. Thus, if we are seeing a mouse in Fnac, we can see how much it would cost in Amazon and in PcComponentes. This feature is also available (in English) in Collections, where when adding a product a message appears urging to compare.

Already having the functions in the latest stable version, there is a high probability that for Christmas the function will be available in Spain, and hopefully it can be used on Black Friday.

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