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Huawei wants to bring the thermometer function to many more devices

We had already seen Huawei phones with thermometers throughout the year, but the latest patent from the Chinese giant anticipates that this functionality will be in more Huawei smartphones in the coming months ... Will they be successful?

Selling your firm spin-offHonor, I wasn't going to make you forget Huawei that in this mobile industry if you stop, the current takes you making it almost impossible to row later to return to the forefront.

The latest great novelty of the Chinese giant, presented together with the new Huawei Mate 40 Porsche Design, is undoubtedly the unreliable one so far in smartphones thermometer functionality, Which will allow know our body temperature directly from the mobile, at least if we have one of the latest Huawei terminals in our pocket.

In fact, the Chinese giant wants to bring the thermometer to almost all of its range of smartphones, and as published by colleagues from Huawei Central has patented a new solution that will lower costs and will make it possible to integrate thermometer functionality into many more devices.

The thermometer function of Huawei phones

This is how the thermometer function in Huawei phones is shown in China.

Huawei wants more mobiles with a built-in thermometer but… Will this be useful in the future?

This is the patent with publication code CN306175428S, dated March 31 coinciding with the global expansion of the coronavirus pandemic, and which quotes verbatim a "Mobile phone with a graphical user interface to measure the temperature and display the results".

This new design has been accepted by the certifier on November 17, although we have already seen mobiles such as the Honor Play 4 integrate temperature measurement solutions Throughout the year, something that has also reached the latest flagship of the firm with the Porsche Design seal and that to date had not been easy due to the different temperatures supported by smartphones during intensive use.

The summary, although the patent documentation has not revealed additional details, is that Huawei smartphones will have something similar to a laser temperature meter, which will make it possible to scan our body or any other object simply by bringing the mobile or tablet closer, to save the information of the temperature obtained in an application with graphical interface.

The thermometer function of Huawei phones

Samsung once had pulse oximeters in its Galaxy, and Huawei now mounts laser thermometers.

It is a simple and effective functionality that expands the possibilities of the smartphone when it comes to quantify our physical constants and help us control our health, something that Samsung already explored in its day with heart meters and pulse oximeters in its more performance smartphones than they passed without pain or glory through the back of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, to end later in the drawer of oblivions.

We will see if Huawei is more successful with thermometers, and it is that although given the moment it seems very useful now, the normal thing is that this pandemic has not come to stay in the long term and the option loses importance for the future ... For me, integrated into 'wearables' such as a smartwatch, I would certainly appreciate having a thermometer, a pulse oximeter and all the meters that you want to mount on them!