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Huawei reinvents the hinge to solve the most common "failure" of folding mobile phones

Huawei wants us to enjoy folding mobiles without folds on their screen, and that which we all wish has already been reflected in this patent with a new hinge that is the key to these designs.

I think in the smartphone industry We are all looking forward to the United States administration letting Huawei, and is that the potential of the Chinese giant in this sector is beyond doubt with some of the best Android phones of recent times in your product portfolio.

The latest Huawei Mate40 are a clear example of what those from Shenzhen can do, in this case the best mobile photography on the market, although the most interesting have been their Huawei Mate X with folding screen and statospheric prices.

It is not that they have been a sales success, no folding has been until the Galaxy Z Fold2, but the truth is that Huawei's design had been so acclaimed that the Chinese manufacturer wanted to continue in the folding race now imitating Samsung with a device similar to the Galaxy Z Flip that should arrive soon.

The Huawei Mate Xs, an engineering exercise

The engineering exercise of the Huawei Mate Xs, which the Chinese manufacturer now takes further.

A new hinge, for a folding screen that will not show creases

In addition, according to GizmoChina colleagues tell us, it seems that Huawei wants to give the blow of effect in this type of smartphones with a new hinge that has already been patented, and that I would get a folding panel with no visible crease when the device is open, perhaps the biggest criticism from all users who have tried current flexible mobiles.

This new hinge shows its exceptional construction in quite instructive sketches, which let us see how it works at least on the role of this patent that Huawei registered in 2019 with the World Intellectual Property Organization, and that was accepted and published by the agency last October with code WO2020210987A1:

It is quite clear, having seen the latest foldable devices from Samsung, that the key to this type of terminal is not the flexible screen but the hinge, much worked by Samsung to get its popular 'Flex Mode' with the device placed in different positions.

Is now Huawei who also complicates the mechanism of its hinges, but where appropriate allocating efforts to avoid the classic and annoying "wrinkle" that remains on the panel just where it bends, using in this case a modular design that would allow to contract and unfold the screen around a device that does not fold it completely avoiding the happy “wrinkle”.

The first terminal to use this hinge it would be precisely the new folding with a "shell" format, similar to the Moto RAZR or the Galaxy Z Flip, providing an experience of total continuity which is perhaps the biggest disadvantage to date of these devices of the future.

How long will it take Huawei to show us its new foldable? We hope that little, and we hope that finally again with an Android without restrictions!