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Huawei manufactures two mobiles per minute, how does it do it?

Huawei's manufacturing speed is worthy of study.

We have always been aware of the high technology used by smartphone manufacturers Well, frankly, putting together everything we see in products of its size seems to be anything but simple. What perhaps we were not so up to date with was the speed with which companies manufacture their terminals And, after the data provided by Huawei, your perception will probably turn around.

Shi Yaohong, vice president of Huawei, reported at the Changsha Cybersecurity and Smart Manufacturing Conference in China that the company had drastically reduced its manufacturing time in recent years, being able to create a new smartphone in so just 27 seconds.

From minutes to seconds in five years

Rear of the Huawei Mate40 Pro in silver

The new Huawei Mate 40 Pro, with its spectacular rear

If we look back at 2015, at that time Huawei used 10 minutes to manufacture each smartphone. Well, five years later, in that same time, it could manufacture more than double the number of terminals, since they only need 27 seconds to create a mobile on Huawei's production lines.

Huawei's in-house manufacturing architecture is called “One Cloud, Two Cores, Three Streams, and Four Technology” and our colleagues at Huawei Central have explained it in detail. The final part of the article tells how thanks to the synergies between these five branches and the integration of the requirements of the consumer, design, manufacture, suppliers, orders and subcontracting, has achieved a enviable manufacturing speed without losing quality in your products, If not the opposite.

In fact, the mobiles that Huawei is launching on the market are getting better and better, with high-end terminals highly valued by the consumer, especially in Asia.