Huawei has sold Honor to a new Chinese company

Huawei said a couple of days ago that the sale of Honor was still on the side of "rumors", but a few days it took us to confirm what an open secret was ... Honor is now independent!

And in the end, that maxim that If the river makes a noise its because water is running, because the big news of last week, which Huawei claimed was just a "Anticipated rumor", it is now officially confirmed: Honor no longer belongs to Huawei and is an independent firm under the umbrella of Zhixin New Information Technology Co. Ltd.

As we are very distrustful and we are certainly already getting to know the industry, we also did an X-ray of the Honor sale agreement this weekend, which has just been confirmed in China and is already being published in various media, from GizmoChina to the xda-developers community, where most of the most important matters of the scene Android.

In just a few days it took us to find out officially that Honor's new owner is that consortium of more than 30 agents led by Digital China Group Co. Ltd. and the Shenzhen city government., cradle and base of operations of Huawei and Honor, which are made with the signature spin-off to operate without limitations in the mobile market after Huawei's problems with the US administration, which however are also starting to fade with many of the component manufacturers getting licenses to negotiate with Huawei.

Honor 30

This is the Honor 30, now officially the last series of Honor phones under the Huawei umbrella.

Honor no longer belongs to Huawei, the Chinese giant's spin-off firm begins a new independent journey under the umbrella of Zhixin New Information Technology Co. Ltd. and without the ties or vetoes of the United States government, following an agreement that would be around 15,000 million dollars and that includes all the technology and assets owned by Honor.

In any case, the agreement was already well advanced and Huawei has not backtracked, since the sale seems win-win for both parties, on the one hand Zhixin New Information Technology Co. Ltd. acquires "All commercial assets related to the Honor brand" and it is done with a recognized brand that already operates internationally, and on the other Huawei makes cash with its signature spin-off for a price that has not transcended, but that apparently would be around 15,200 million dollars, something like about 12,800 million euros.

This agreement actually includes the research and development department, the supply chain management, the majority of Honor's 7,000 employees and all company-owned technology, plus some top Huawei executives are now joining Honor's new project as an independent manufacturer. Zhao Ming, President of Honor within Huawei, is already Executive Director of the new company.

Honor sale agreement by Huawei

The Honor sale agreement, now official, between Huawei and the Shenzhen Zhixin group.

In addition, it is established in the agreement that "Once the acquisition is completed, Huawei will have no shares in the new Honor company", which ensures effectively that Honor will operate one hundred percent as an independent brand away from his old matrix, avoiding at a stroke any suspicion that could bring him problems with western governments.

The brand ensures for its part that the company's operations will remain fully stable and without incidents for their current customers, who will continue to enjoy their terminals and their after-sales services without any problem, both in the case of old and new devices that are launched from now on, and with availability of spare parts for repairs even in Huawei origin components.

Definitely, It will be interesting to see what Honor is capable of now that she can think alone., because certainly their smartphones had been among the most attractive of the Android catalog in recent years, always drinking this from Huawei inspiration, but with refreshing ideas and a much more casual approach.