Huawei cuts ground with Google by adding podcast section to its browser

Podcasts come to Huawei with their own section within the news feed, the current space offered by the browser and the brand's assistant on their devices. Huawei selects different daily podcasts and allows you to listen to them without downloading applications.

The development of its ecosystem is favoring the experience of its users: in addition to including its own applications and mobile services, Huawei has been improving this environment to equate it to direct competition. Completing everything that leaves the gap in Google is a priority, hence the company opts for applications such as Petal Search, the maps of Petal Maps and to include podcasts in its own Discover. Not sure what to listen to? The Huawei browser suggests it.

Daily podcasts directly in the browser

Huawei Podcasts

The commitment to the podcast format is being global: most Internet-related companies have included audio programs in their catalog. Spotify, Amazon, Google offers podcasts with their own app and from the search engine ... AND Huawei has included a similar functionality within its news feed, the one that appears in the browser and in its assistant.

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Podcasts reach Huawei devices thanks to its news section (like Google Discover). The manufacturer has activated a new tab in the feed next to 'Trending' and 'Video': in the 'Podcasts' area Huawei makes a selection of programs that reaches 250 daily broadcasts. These programs are listed vertically, they allow listening to the audio just by entering the news, the feed offers information about the channel and also about the specific program and adjusts the order of the podcasts according to the interests of the user. Podcasts can also be bookmarked (just like all other news in the feed) and shared.

Huawei Podcasts

Although podcasts have reached Huawei's browser, they still have quite a few limitations. The most important is that channels cannot be subscribedListening to new shows is only possible if the feed re-selects the news to appear on the cover (or appears in related content). Podcasts cannot be searched either, so you have to settle for Huawei's daily selection.

To listen to podcasts you need to have the Huawei browser or its personal assistant. They must have the news active for the feed to appear.