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How to use the quick editor of Google Photos to improve your photos in a simple way

Google Photos recently updated its quick editor. While Google's most recommended alternative to edit Photos is Snapseed, with the quick editor of Google Photos we can save time and get excellent results.

We are going to show you where it is and how you can use it to enhance your photos in minutes. This is a simple process.

Learn to use the Google photos editor

Google Photos Editor

To edit a photo quickly with Google Photos, the first thing we have to do is open the application and click on the photograph that we want to modify. We will see a button next to the share one, so we click on it. After pressing three controls appear:

  • Enhance: apply automatic adjustments to the photo (exposure, contrast, sharpness)

  • Warm: Applies an automatic edit that tends to warm

  • Cold: applies an automatic edit that tends to cold

Once we have applied these filters we can edit the photo with these presets, which will help us a lot. However, the juice is taken out of the application when we use the manual edit mode. To activate it we have to click on 'adjust'.

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Here you will find quite a few options to make the most of the image, but we are going to give you a couple of tricks that usually work. To the far left you have the option 'pop'. It is an option that changes both sharpness and color and brightness settings. If we do not abuse this option we can obtain very good results in a matter of seconds (applying the effect between 10 and 20%).

The other little trick is hidden within the 'filters' section. If we click on the filter it is applied, but if we press twice we access the control of it, being able to apply it gradually from 0 to 100%. So we can leave the filters to our liking.

Of course you can explore the rest of the options that the editor offers you, but if you control the filter setting and apply the 'pop' option that we have told you about, you can save a lot of time when editing the photos.