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How to unsubscribe from mailing lists taking advantage of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

Take advantage of the Black Friday offers, you cannot miss their promotions, all at a 40% discount, and a gift if you subscribe now. Oh, and tomorrow comes Cyber ​​Monday, Take advantage of it too! Does it ring a bell?

Because that is the summary of one out of every three emails that have reached my account of email in this last week, in which a significant percentage of online Christmas purchases are made ...

... and after which companies often experience an increase in the number of unsubscribes to their mailing lists.

Why is this happening?

Online marketing experts have been preparing for this week all year, which, added to the exceptionality that the pandemic has impressed in 2020, has resulted in chaos unacceptable for those looking to have a manageable inbox.

But this, more than a problem, is an opportunity, because Instead of just deleting all those emails, you can take the opportunity to 'clean'Think about it, all the mailing list subscriptions you had forgotten about have been meant these days to remind you of their existence.

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Solutions to lighten our inbox

But don't worry: exorcising commercial promotions from your email account is, at this point, quite simpler than you might think (although still quite tedious).

And the main online platforms and e-mail applications are capable of automatically detecting shipments linked to a mailing list and already offer options to automate our unsubscribe, through 'Unsubscribe' or similar links.

Screenshot 29

'Unsubscribe' aside, the fastest and cleanest solution; 'Block sender', to the other, for when all else fails.

If for any option such link is not available, we would have to resort to those that bring their own messages as standard promotional items, often at the bottom of them.

If we choose this solution, we must be pending to review the page that opens in the browser, to ensure that the unsubscribe process completes satisfactorily (Many brands, for example, force us to rewrite our email address first).


Sometimes senders comply and make life easier for us.

And if this is not possible either, we will always have the option of classify the message as spam (or, directly, block the sender, whatever you prefer).

If you fear you have not been comprehensive enough, you can always resort to third-party tools that connect to our email accounts to make a complete report of what our current subscriptions are and facilitate that we delete them, such as Unsubscriber and Leave Me Alone.

Via | FastCompany