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How to take screenshots in Chrome's incognito mode, currently only in Canary

Google has more advanced versions of Chrome, versions that add functions for the more adventurous to try before anyone else, despite the fact that they can reduce the performance of the browser. And on Android, these versions of Chrome are called Chrome Beta and Chrome Canary.

In the latter, as in PC or Mac, Google adds the most advanced functions and that is what happens with the new feature that it is already testing. This is the possibility that it now offers so that we can take screenshots even if we use the incognito browsing mode.

For now, only in Chrome Canary

Secret Mode1

A feature present in Chrome until 2018, at which point Google decided to remove it. In fact, if you go into Chrome's "Incognito Mode" and try to take a screenshot you are going to come across this message:

"Cannot take screenshots due to security policy"

Now, almost two years later, it seems that they have considered the return of this function and the first step is to enable it as one more option in Chrome Canary. Of course, by default, it is disabled and if you are interested, here I explain how you can activate it.

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The first step is to have the latest version of Chrome Canary that can be downloaded from Google Play. And once downloaded and started, access flags or "flags" mode, which is what allows us to access different functions and improvements of Chrome. To enter we will only need to write "Chrome: // flags" (without the quotes) in the address bar.


Once inside we will see a large list and to save work and not have to review everything, we are going to use the search box. Just write "incognito" to find the function What are we searching for.

We will then see a new menu unfold, in which we must activate the "Enabled" box and then press the "Relaunch" button at the bottom to restart the browser and apply the changes.


Now we can run the test again and try to take a screenshot. If before we came across the warning message about the impossibility of doing it, now we will see if it is possible to take a screenshot.


Apparently this feature was removed as it can compromise the purpose of incognito browsing, which is none other than leaving no trace ... and a screenshot can throw away anonymity. What we do not know for now, is if the possibility of taking screenshots in "Incognito Mode" will reach the stable version of Chrome, as it is already enabled in other browsers such as Firefox.


Chrome Canary

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