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How to save the wallpaper that you have installed on your mobile

Do you want to share the wallpaper that you have installed on your mobile and you don't know how to do it? If it is an image from the gallery, it is easy to share it, but the same does not happen with the factory wallpapers or with those backgrounds from which you deleted the photo. Even if you don't despair, it's very easy to save your current wallpaper.

Wallpapers or wallpapers are the easiest way to personalize almost any device with a screen. And, since smartphones are basically that, screen, customizing your background is almost essential as soon as your mobile is brand new. In general, each brand offers exclusive wallpapers that cannot always be shared. So, if you don't know how to save the wallpaper you currently have, the solution is to use a super simple app: Get current wallpaper.

Save the wallpapers when you can't access the photo

Save Wallpaper

If you choose a photo from the gallery as your wallpaper there will be no problem: the image is still accessible and you can do whatever you want with it, even edit it. Quite the opposite of what happens with the wallpapers that come standard on the phone: they are generally not accessible in the gallery, so you cannot access them directly. It is also not possible to share an image if you used it as a wallpaper and you erased the original.

The best wallpapers for your Android mobile

The application Get current wallpaper fixes the problem of not having access to the currently placed image as wallpaper. It allows you to recover the image that you used as wallpaper and even save the official backgrounds of your phone. All with a really simple process:

  • Download the Get current wallpaper app.

  • Access the application and accept the storage permission so that you can access the current wallpaper and save it.

  • Choose 'Retrieve wallpaper'to access the wallpaper. In case you want to extract the background of the lock screen, click on 'Retrieve lock screen'.

  • After a second, the wallpaper you have installed will appear on the screen. Click on the share icon and save it on your phone. You can also send it to whoever you want.

  • In the event that you want to save all the original funds of your phone, you will have to apply each one and then save it. Repeat the process with the wallpapers you want.

  • Only static wallpapers can be saved.

The image of your background will be saved in the folder 'Get current wallpaper'. In addition, the application allows you to autosave any background you put: in this way you will make sure that there is always an accessible copy for whatever you want. Get current wallpaper is ad-free, has no weird permissions, and only offers an in-app purchase for those who wish to donate for the developer's work.

Get current wallpaper

Get current wallpaper