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how to play with friends or just from a chat

Make the most of Telegram using bots for games, there are all kinds and for all tastes.

In addition to having everything a messaging app needs, Telegram has a lot of games that are really great. Without a doubt, we are talking about a platform where there is entertainment for all kinds of tastes. For this same reason, today we will tell you all about free games on Telegram. Find out how to play with your friends or just from a chat!

Do you want to take your experience with this app to another level? So try Telegram games in this 2020. The process is simple and in a matter of minutes you will be having a great time without having to leave the application.

What are Telegram games like?

telegram games

Telegram games are made with HTML5 and the developers integrate it into the messaging service through bots. Nowadays, there are many mini-games that you can enjoy alone or in the company of your friends.

It should be noted that all games are loaded like normal websites. That is to say, you don't have to download anything and it doesn't increase the size of the Telegram app either. Why? Because they are simple web links to HTML5 games.

How to play Telegram from a chat?

how to play telegram games

In Telegram, the bots @gamebot and @gamee offer a wide variety of games to enjoy alone or with your friends. If you want to play through the messenger app, then do the following.

  • Open the Telegram application on your mobile. If you don't have it installed, you can download it from the button under these lines.
  • Now open a conversation and mention any of these bots: @gamebot or @gameeBy doing so, the list of available games will appear.
  • It is done! That's how easy you can play on Telegram with these bots.

How to play with friends on Telegram

how to play with friends on telegram

How to play with friends on Telegram

  • Open that person's conversation the one you want to invite to play.
  • Mention one of the bots, in this example we use @gamee.
  • Choose the game of your preference and start playing.

When creating a game in a chat window you will compete with your friends for the best score to lead the leaderboard. In this way, you can challenge any of your contacts when you consider it necessary.

How to play in Telegram groups

The process you must do to play in groups through Telegram is the same as we have explained previously. However, you should mention the bot in a Telegram group and not one in a conventional conversation with a single person. When you do, all the members of the group will be able to compete to reach the top of the table. Telegram games in groups are activated very quickly!


Of course, there is also Telegram games for groups, like Werewolf, which are added as a member of the group. How? Clicking on the group's profile, touching the option "add member" and typing the name of the bot (in this case @wereworlfbot). It couldn't be easier!

The best Telegram games (2020)

If you have no idea which Telegram game to try, you could try one of these.

Moto FX

moto fx telegram

Simple and fun motorcycle game to play on Telegram. Look for it in the @gamee bot and challenge your friends.

Gravity Ninja: Emerald City

gravity ninja

Gravity Ninja: Emerald City

Typical platform game in which you have to dodge the obstacles that the path gives you, this time from the skin of a skilled ninja. Look for “Gravity Ninja: Emerald City: in the @gamee bot and have fun with this active game.


lumberjack telegram

Play Lumberjack on Telegram

Become a lumberjack and do what you consider necessary to get the most points in this Telegram game. Play it from the @gamebot bot.

Kung Fu Inc.

kung fu inc

Throw kicks and punches, keep moving forward while overcoming obstacles and become a Kung Fu expert. Access this game from the @gamee bot and that's it.

Without a doubt, games are one of the most important reasons to uninstall WhatsApp and install Telegram. And if you want to make the most of this app, take a look at this list of the 127 best Telegram channels that you can join.