How to know what version an app has on Android to check that it is updated

On many occasions we can think that an app is up to date, since Google Play does not show us available updates. However, as updates are gradual, there may be a higher version and we don't know about it.

We will teach you how can you know what version of app you have, as there are two fairly quick ways to query it. In this way you will be able to know if you have the latest version or not, to find and install the newest version in case it has not yet reached the application store.

From Android settings

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A very quick way to know what version an app has on Android is to look in the system's own settings. Go to the applications section in settings, and search for the specific application.

How to update Android to its latest version

In the 'advanced' section, going down, you will see the 'version' section, in which a number will appear. This is the version number, the way you can identify if the app is up to date or not. If you find an APK on portals like APKmirror and the like that is higher than this number, it means that there is an update available, even if the Play Store or the store you use does not mark the update as available yet.

From Play Store

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The Google App Store also allows know what version you have in an app. We only have to go to the application file. From here we will give 'app information', section where the first data is the version.

Play Store displays the version number you have installed, but there may be a new update that has not yet reached the server. If we install a new version from another store or with an APK file, Play Store will also show the new version number.