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How to know if your mobile has wireless charging

In this way you will know if your mobile has wireless charging or not.

One of the weakest points of smartphones today are their batteries. Although it is increasingly common for brands to launch devices with autonomy that lasts more than a day, there is still a long way to go.

Luckily there are many ways to charge a smartphone. From cable charging and conventional plug, fast charging, charging the device thanks to a powerbank or wireless charging, one of the most interesting ways today and that more and more devices have it.

But, How to know if our smartphone has wireless charging? As a general rule, all manufacturers indicate it in the characteristics of their devices.

On the other hand, there are also websites like Andro4all, which we usually mention in the analysis of our devices. However, if any of you still have doubts about your device having wireless charging or not, there is a really simple method to find out.

How does wireless charging work?

OnePlus 8 Pro

Once wireless charging is tested you can't live without it

First of all, you have to explain how wireless charging works. As we explain in this complete article that we advise you to take a look at first of all, this system is based on a system of transmission of electricity by electromagnetic induction, which works at distances of up to 40 millimeters.

In clear words, what we need is a base connected to a power source and a receiving device that must be compatible with Qi technology.

In the case of smartphones, the charger is the base or charging station, and the phone is the receiving device for electricity.

While wireless charging is much more comfortable than conventional charging because we don't have to connect the smartphone to any cables, it is true that it is still not so effective.

How do I know if my mobile has wireless charging?

Huawei P30 Pro charging base

At least for now, we need docks to charge wirelessly.

We already know how wireless charging works more or less and that in addition to a charging base connected to the current, it is necessary that our device is compatible with it.

As we have said a few lines above, one of the simplest ways to find out is to consult the specification sheet of our terminal, which can be found on the manufacturer's website.

Another method is to search for device information on pages like Andro4all.

Despite all this, if we still have any questions, we will comment another infallible method to know once and for all whether or not our terminal has wireless charging.

These are two free applications for Android that we can find in the Google application store and that will tell us if our phone is compatible or not.

So easy and simple. Download, install and start.

These are Wireless Charging Checker and Wireless Charging Checker, two applications that are very easy to use and that They will tell us instantly if our Android smartphone is compatible with wireless charging.

Why do we recommend informing us before? Because surely some of you are thinking of acquiring a charging base, so before spending the money, better inform yourself.

What mobiles are there with wireless charging?

Today in the market there are many phones with wireless charging available. While most phones supported by this are mid / high end or premium, luckily it is more and more frequent in smartphones somewhat cheaper.

Regardless of the iPhone, on Android we can find current smartphones such as the fantastic Samsung Galaxy S20 FE or the OnePlus 8 Pro, one of the Android phones that we liked the most this year.

If we want something cheaper, we can opt for a Xiaomi device such as the Mi Mix 3 for just over 300 euros or choose some high-end from previous generations such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 or the Huawei P30.

How to charge the mobile without cables

OnePlus 8 Pro with wireless charging

The OnePlus 8 Pro supports wireless charging

And now that we know how wireless charging works and how to know if our device is compatible with it, the most important thing comes: How to charge the mobile without cables?

For this we will need a wireless charger which is nothing more than a charging base connected to the electric current.

To make it work, you just have to leave the terminal face up on said base and as if by magic, our device will start charging.

What charging bases do we recommend? We leave you a few.